Atwater Corn House

18 X 30 feet | circa 1840 | Middletown Springs, Vermont

This structure, originally built as a corn barn and later partially utilized as farm seasonal lodging, is perfect for a new life as a retreat cabin, or even as a small home. The barn's beams are sawn by an early water saw.  Thanks to some great work by members of the Middletown Springs Historical Society and aided by a great book on the history of Middletown Springs, we were able to figure out some of the history. Perry, the first westerner settler of the land, is said in the spring of 1778 to have "shouldered his ax, all he had to bring but the clothes he wore, and took possession of his land." By the time that a treasure of a book was written about Middletown Springs in 1867, the land had passed to Jonathan Atwater, who had married Perry's daughter. Our restored timber frame is mentioned in this book as the "corn barn." One section of the 1st floor had narrow siding boards that were gapped to allow ventilation for the purpose of drying corn. Part of the 2nd floor was finished off with plaster and lathe at a later date as living quarters, presumably for seasonal farm help.

This frame has a full first floor deck that could be utilized again if set on piers as the frame originally stood. It also has a full second floor. The original roof boards were saved and "new" vintage siding could be provided.



  • 540 square feet on the first floor, with another approximately 300 square feet of walkable second floor

  • Sawn softwood posts and beams

  • Four bent structure

  • Sawn rafters and floor joists

  • Comes with the original roof boards


The Atwater Corn Barn would be ideally suited for use as a woods retreat cabin. It could be minimally insulated, or left as a seasonal cabin. A small wood stove would heat the space nicely. It could also make a great storage barn.


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