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Luke Larson

Luke grew up on a dairy farm in Wells, Vermont. One of eight children, Luke showed an early interest in woodworking. He spent much time as a child in his grandfather “Papa’s” woodshop and completed a cedar strip wooden canoe at age 16.


It was also at 16 that Dan became a teacher, mentor, and friend, when Luke built a small timber frame cabin with Dan’s coaching.


During college in Massachusetts, Luke worked part time at a furniture restoration shop and developed a passion for furniture as well as timber framing. During the course of one summer during college, Luke completed his first restoration project; he rehabilitated an 18th century barn on the family farm and turned it into an addition to the house.


After successfully completing bachelor degrees in sociology and psychology at Gordon College, Luke realized that he wanted to return to Vermont to focus on woodworking full time. Luke now lives in Middletown Springs with his two fantastic children, and is proud to work with Green Mountain Timber Frames to preserve New England’s historic houses and barns.


Luke loves the challenges of designing new timber frame homes and barns as well as the unique demands of restoring frames from the past. Every restoration project provides an opportunity to learn from the craftsmen who worked long ago, and people notice Luke’s excitement and passion for quality craftsmanship.


Luke also enjoys building furniture, gardening and playing the fiddle. Dan and Luke often play a few old tunes together when a timber frame is completed, to put a little music back into the beams.

Dan McKeen

Dan and his wife have lived in Middletown Springs, Vermont for over 40 years. He and his family have deep roots in the area and are active community members. His children and grandchild live nearby and share Dan’s love of Vermont, nature and preserving the heritage of the region.


​With over 30 years of experience in timber framing, Dan’s passion for the work is evident to all who meet him. A self-described history buff, Dan loves his job because it allows him to take part in preserving the history of his community. With each old barn he restores, he discovers new stories of early Americans.


The craftsmanship of these early pioneers never ceases to amaze Dan. He is proud to take part in preserving the techniques and the historic properties of the people who called Vermont home centuries ago. Dan is a natural people person and he enjoys getting to know each of his clients throughout the work process. When he’s not restoring timber frames, he enjoys dancing, music and writing ukulele songs for his grandson.