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Our Commitment to Excellence

We have decades of experience in Rutland and Bennington counties in Vermont and work with the most qualified and reliable crews in the area. From architects and crane operators to electricians and painters, we partner with experts who share our commitment to quality and our dedication to providing personal service.

Our Services Include:

Inspecting and Assessing Historic Properties

After we locate an old barn or historic timber frame, we assess the structural integrity of the building. From there, we make recommendations for restoration and can estimate the costs of restoration and construction process.


Restoring Timber Frames

We either restore old barns on site or bring them to the Green Mountain Timber Frames workshop where we re-erect and restore the frame before transporting it to its new location. During restoration, reclaimed wood is used for any parts and pieces of the timber frame that are fatigued. We strive to use wood from the same period and to stay true to the techniques and hand hewn design used by the original builders.


Barn Raisings – Erecting Timber Frames

Each restored frame is carefully labeled before dismantling. We take care of transporting it to the site of new construction and re-erect the frame on site. Depending on the size of the frame, we may use a crane to help erect the frame. Whenever possible, we hold a traditional barn raising where family and friends can join our crew of experts in erecting the timber frame. It’s an emotional and thrilling moment to see a historic frame hoisted into the air.


Constructing Timber Frame Homes

At Green Mountain Timber Frames, we have worked as head contractor on some complete building projects. One of our favorite parts of this work is getting to know the new owners of the home and sharing in the experience of rebuilding history together.


Creating New Timber Frame Homes

In addition to restoring and erecting vintage timber frames, we build new timber frame barns and homes. We are happy to build new properties with techniques and styles perfected by the founders of this country.

Experts in Timber Framing

With over 30 years of experience, Green Mountain Timber Frames offers a full array of timber framing services.


We locate frames, restore them at our workshop, transport them to the building site and re-erect the frames at the point of construction. We then either serve as the main contractor and oversee the complete construction of your timber frame building, or we turn over the project to another contractor of your choice.


With a careful eye for details and a dedication to fine craftsmanship, we consult with you throughout the project and report regularly on the building process. We work closely with each of our clients and update them on the progress with emails, phone calls and photos of the work.

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