Hand Hewn Gunstock Frame

30 X 42 feet | circa 1780 | South Hartford, New York

Built in the 1780s, this hand hewn frame features wide pine plank wall boards and roof boards. The frame has a special post-medieval design and a slate roof in great condition. The posts taper gracefully at the top, the signature indicator of a gunstock frame. The spacious feel of this frame highlights the beauty of its unique architecture and the stunning color of the wood.



  • 1250 square feet​

  • Potential for loft

  • Hardwood floor joists and rafters are hand hewn

  • Restored frame, erected on your foundation with second floor boards and roof boards


This frame would make a beautiful great room or the start of a magnificent home. It could also be expanded upon with the addition of sheds or other smaller barn frames.


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