Hand Hewn Cape House

3700 square feet | 1837 | Carroll County, New Hampshire

This house is a remarkable example of early craftsmanship. The main house measures 27'2" by 37'2", has an ell that measures 18'1" by 40'2", and a shed addition at 10'x25. The construction is excellent, and is built in a classic cape style. This house is perfect for someone who wants to live in a traditional house, but with modern amenities. The house has excellent "lines," and gorgeous detail work.



  • Approximately 3700 square feet

  • Many original trim elements can be included

  • Boasts a beautiful and fully restored entry-way

  • First floor timber frame deck included



This classic New England structure would make a fantastic home. While the frame could be left exposed, it could also be re-plastered on the interior and made to look like a house straight out of the early 19th century.


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19 North Street
Middletown Springs, VT 05757

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