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Hand Hewn Cape House

3700 square feet | 1837 | Carroll County, New Hampshire

This house is a remarkable example of early craftsmanship. The main house measures 27'2" by 37'2", has an ell that measures 18'1" by 40'2", and a shed addition at 10'x25. The construction is excellent, and is built in a classic cape style. This house is perfect for someone who wants to live in a traditional house, but with modern amenities. The house has excellent "lines," and gorgeous detail work.



  • Approximately 3700 square feet

  • Many original trim elements can be included

  • Boasts a beautiful and fully restored entry-way

  • First floor timber frame deck included



This classic New England structure would make a fantastic home. While the frame could be left exposed, it could also be re-plastered on the interior and made to look like a house straight out of the early 19th century.

Hand Hewn Cape house

Hand Hewn Cape house

The frame is extraordinarily well built, and in great "frame health."

This is an early post card of the beautiful Hodsdon house. Its beauty has been appreciated for a very long time!

So much living has happened in this house! We love these early photos.

The house boasts beautiful shudders.

The house layout has two chimneys.

We have rebuilt the decorative fan that goes over the entrance door.

This beautifully restored entrance way is available and ready to welcome family and guests once more.

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