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Camp Moonrise

Essex, New York

Designer: Hall Design Group


This very early gunstock frame originated on the island of North Hero in Lake Champlain. It dates to the 1780s and had an incredible cathedral-like feel with its soaring roof. We disassembled the frame, restored it at our shop, and then erected it to serve as the kitchen, dining, and great room in Essex, New York. This barn ended up only miles (as the crow flies) from its original location. Our client has collected antique folk art and early American furniture for decades, and the barn space now houses this remarkable collection.


Read author Steven Kellogg's blog post about Camp Moonrise.

Restored barn home - interior
1780s timber frame ceiling
Gunstock corner post and beam
Restored joinery in gunstock frame
Detail of restored timber frame
Gunstock detail restored barn home
Camp Moonrise rustic fireplace
Barn style home - exterior
Barn style home - Steven Kellogg
Restored timber frame barn
Detail of historic timber frame
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