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5-Sided Ridge Beam Frame

22 X 32 feet | circa 1840s | South Hartford, New York

Built around 1840, this wonderful frame boasts a 5-sided ridge beam design, a style unique to this era. The hardwood timbers are of Beech or Chestnut and a loft could be added to the frame. No interior pictures at this time.



  • 700 square feet​

  • Potential for loft

  • Hardwood, hewn frame of Beech or Chestnut

  • Restored frame, erected on your foundation with floor boards and roof boards


This frame would make a beautiful historic home, or be used as the great room in a larger custom house. It could also be used for a studio or an addition to an existing home.


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5-Sided Ridge Beam Frame

5-Sided Ridge Beam Frame

Second from the right is the 5-sided ridge beam frame

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